Jem and Alice moved to 10, Favart Road, Fulham, London, a smart house facing a small park. (There is little doubt that this was leased or rented since he was bankrupt at this time).

No 10 is no longer standing so the picture shows a similar Favart Street house.

On 17 Feb 1895 Jem fought an exhibition bout with Jack Hall at Canning Town.

In Mar he  fought an exhibition bout with Dick Burge at Hexton.

On 15 Mar 1895 Jem applied for discharge of bankruptcy.  The official receiver was not impressed and delayed the discharge until 15 Mar 1898. His boxing instruction enterprise was obviously not thriving and he was failing to keep financial records. See following scan.

On 5 May 1895 a daughter, Amy Pauline Mace was born in Fulham. She was known colloquially as “Queenie”.

On 14 Oct Jem  fought an exhibition bout with Dick Burge in London.

On 16 Jan 1896 Jem’s “Official Receiver” was released. See following scan.

In 1896 he temporarily left Alice with the children and toured Scotland with Frank “Paddy” Slavin.

In 1896 a film called “There’s life in the old dog yet” was shot, showcasing Jem.

Jem made a deal with a new manager, Bill Bayford, who organised a lucrative four month tour  to America. Pregnant Alice was again left at home in Fulham with the children and Jem travelled on the 7,718 ton Cunard line “Etruria”. He arrived in New York on 22 Nov 1896.

The ship’s picture follows.

On 14 Dec 1896 Jem fought Mike Donovan at the Broadway Athletic Club, New York. The bout was declared a draw after 4 rounds.

On 25 Dec he fought an exhibition bout with Billy McLean in Philadelphia, Pensylvania.

On 8 Jan 1897 he fought an exhibition bout with John Scholes in Toronto, Canada.

On 1 Mar he fought an exhibition bout with Jim Butler in Rochester, New York.

On 8 Mar he fought Tommy Ryan in Syracuse, New York. (4 rounds, no decision)

While he was in America he posed for this picture with Jim Corbett. The original is in the National archives.

These are three pictures of Jem with his manager Bill Bayford celebrating the agreement to this trip.

On 10 Mar 1897, while Jem was still in America, his son, Albert Edward Mace was born at Jem’s Fulham home. Following is a scan of the birth certificate and a picture of the proud father and Albert taken on Jem’s return.

1894 - 1897 …… London America …… Fifth (and Last) Time

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